Tiger Woods gears up for a miraculous Masters Tournament

Tiger Woods is gearing up for his latest Augusta appearance this weekend in a bid to claim his fifth green jacket. In previous years, that may not have been such an incredulous statement. However, given the fact he was in crippling agony last year and barely able to pull himself out of bed, his assertion that that he is a "walking miracle" does not seem so outlandish.

Tiger suffered the pain of a lower back fusion and, this very week last year, needed to leave the Champion's Dinner early because he was in excruciating pain. This year, however, he is the record-holder for fastest swing on the PGA tour, ringing in at 129 mph according to The Telegraph.

“The reason why I said ‘I'm a walking miracle’ is that I don't know anyone who's had a lower back fusion who can swing as fast as I can now,” Woods said in the Augusta media room. “That's incredible. Some guys have come up to me said, ‘yeah, I need to fuse my back so I can hit it harder’. So that's why I say that - because it is a miracle.

“I went from a person who really had a hard time getting up, walking around, sitting down, anything, to now swinging the club …at 129 [mph - the fastest on the PGA Tour this year]. That is a miracle, isn't it?”

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