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  • Meet our new Brand Ambassador "GolfPeach"

    Lady golfers have been the butt of nearly as many jokes as Essex girls and Irish laborers. Yawn, yawn!

    I can count myself fortunate to be a member of a golf club where the women give as good as they get and are respected for it. I’m still subjected to all the usual earache about only playing half the course and the inequality of the female courtesy shot, but I just sign my card with a smile and take the boys’ money.

    What every man I’ve ever partnered is left in no doubt about, is that my passion for this addictive game runs every bit as deep as their own. I can keep pace with them, I can be competitive with them, I can even drive it past them from time to time. I play golf like they play golf.

    It’s not like that for all women golfers. It wasn’t like that for me when a member of staff at Luffness New Golf Club nearly fainted at the sight of me cutting through the empty men’s lounge to visit the facilities. It was a genuine mistake at the time but I might just do it again if it helps drag another relic of golf kicking and screaming into the 21st century.

    The outdated image of golf that I encountered that morning on the East Lothian coast was the same image of the game that I, myself, had before I first swung a club five years ago. Once upon a time, I was a student at St Andrews University but I had no more interest in a pastime so royal and ancient as I had in croquet. Golf was for the overweight and over-60’s. Little did I know.

    My first five years as a golfer have come as such a surprise to me that I’ve almost needed to create an online persona in order to tell the ‘old me’ and everyone like her how wrong I was about this sport. GolfPeach is a social media version of a self-employed, self-dependent woman who has found a whole new world of rewards, challenges, friends and destinations through golf. Me!

    @Golfpeach on Instagram

    @golf_peach on Twitter

  • Miss Designer Golf and the RICOH Women's British Open

    Suzann Pettersen of Norway tees off on the 1st hole during the final round of the Ricoh Women's British Open at Royal Birkdale.

    We are the proud apparel sponsors of the RICOH Women's British Open since 2014.

    Every year, the top female golfers in the world descend on the UK to battle it out for the British Open. It is always an enthralling encounter and the last number of years has thrown up some major surprises, fascinating battles and the worthiest of champions.

    Miss Designer Golf will, for the fifth year running, bring our pop-up shop to the Women's British Open so that you can shop the biggest brands in golf at the best prices while enjoying the tournament.  You'll find Calvin Klein, Green Lamb, Adidas, Chervo, Callaway and so much more in-store. Swing by and say hi over a weekend that is guaranteed to be a showcase of world-class golf and entertainment.

  • Tiger Woods gears up for a miraculous Masters Tournament

    Tiger Woods is gearing up for his latest Augusta appearance this weekend in a bid to claim his fifth green jacket. In previous years, that may not have been such an incredulous statement. However, given the fact he was in crippling agony last year and barely able to pull himself out of bed, his assertion that that he is a "walking miracle" does not seem so outlandish.

    Tiger suffered the pain of a lower back fusion and, this very week last year, needed to leave the Champion's Dinner early because he was in excruciating pain. This year, however, he is the record-holder for fastest swing on the PGA tour, ringing in at 129 mph according to The Telegraph.

    “The reason why I said ‘I'm a walking miracle’ is that I don't know anyone who's had a lower back fusion who can swing as fast as I can now,” Woods said in the Augusta media room. “That's incredible. Some guys have come up to me said, ‘yeah, I need to fuse my back so I can hit it harder’. So that's why I say that - because it is a miracle.

    “I went from a person who really had a hard time getting up, walking around, sitting down, anything, to now swinging the club …at 129 [mph - the fastest on the PGA Tour this year]. That is a miracle, isn't it?”

    To read the full story on The Telegraph's website, click here >

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